Joseph E. Martin

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Joseph E. Martin

Joseph E. Martin (middle) posing with siblings

Joseph E. Martin (middle) posing with siblings

Joseph E. Martin (middle) posing with siblings

Joseph E. Martin (middle) posing with siblings

Chenty Nunez, Editor

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Name: Joseph E. Martin

Graduation year 2010


Q:Did you go to college, military, service, job?

A:I attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth from 2010-2014. I am currently a US History Teacher and Football Coach at Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, FL.

Q:What was it like going from the High School life to the adult life?

A:Every year of life get’s a little more challenging as you begin to take on more responsibility. Even though life gets more difficult, it most certainly gets BETTER.

Q:In college/job/service, was it easy to get settled down and find where you fit in?

A:Not at all, as anything that’s good in life takes work. Once I put the work in, college became the greatest time of my life.

Q:If you are out of college or post graduate work, what are you doing now?

A:I am a US History teacher and Football coach at Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, FL

Q:What has been the biggest thing to happen to you since you left?

A:Moving to a completely different state where it never snows!

Q:Did you play for Prouty? If so, what did you play and what was it like going from High school level to College level?

A:I played football and baseball at Prouty. The difference in playing HS football and college football is the attention to detail. Every little thing is scrutinized, therefor you are always charged with mastering your craft.

Q:Any advice for current students at DPHS?

A:No matter what, be the best version of YOU that YOU can be. This will carry over into everything you do in life.

Q:Are there any teachers that you would like to say some kind words to?

A:Ms. Jyringi, grading primary sources is worse than doing them!!! Thanks for all that you taught me!

Q:What was your best memory from Prouty?

A:My best memory from Prouty was undoubtedly serving as a Captain of our school’s only State Championship football team. The plaque displayed on the wall as you walk into the school signifies the work necessary to succeed in this life. My brothers and I will always have that year and that team to call our own #WAF

Joe Martin

Instructor, United States History

Varsity Football, Special Teams Coordinator, Assistant Linebackers Coach

Mainland High School

Cell: 774-200-4604

“You alone can lighten this burden, or you can choose to render it intolerable…”

-Abraham Lincoln

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