Daniel Martin

Chenty Nunez, Editor

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Name:Daniel Martin

Graduation year:2011


Q:Did you go to college, military, service, job?

A:2 semesters of college and a trade school

Q:What was it like going from the High School life to the adult life?

A:The biggest difficulty I had was simply holding myself accountable. There are no more parents, teachers, or counselors babysitting you it is up to you and you need to hold yourself accountable. 

Q:If you are out of college or post graduate work, what are you doing now?

A:System Operator at Nationalgrid (oversee the electrical system)

Q:What has been the biggest thing to happen to you since you left?

A:Snowmobile accident 2-7-14 losing my right leg above the knee. Taking up crossfit and becoming the 4th ranked lower limb amputee in the world in. Crossfit. Making a career change from an electrical lineman working in the field to system operator in an office setting. 

Q:Were there hiccups, or struggles along the way?

A:I went to Fitchburg State my first semester out of high school. Played football at FSU and was fortunate enough to start as a freshman but as I said before I did not hold myself accountable. I cared about football never missed a second of football but class fell to the wayside. I regularly didn’t attend class and was forced to drop out when the football season was over. Remember hold yourself accountable for your actions you are an adult now. I have recovered and now have a great career where I am very happy but trust me when I say take advantage of every opportunity you have. You may end up at the same end goal  but if you do the right things now is a much easier road there. 

Q:What do you miss about High School?

A:Everything. Simply the lack of responsibility although in high school it seems like you have a lot. 

Q:Did you play for Prouty? If so, what did you play and what was it like going from High school level to College level?

A:I played 4 years of football and baseball at prouty and 1 year of basketball. I went on to play college football at FSU and started as a freshman. The biggest transitions are both that the game is much faster and you need to train much harder than you ever have. The other difficulty is once again you have no one babysitting you. You’re academics are your responsibility not your coach’s. If you fail that’s your fault and they will recruit the next guy.

Q:Any advice for current students at DPHS?

A:Enjoy it while it lasts. Take a deep breath, and believe me when I say the problems you think are major are much smaller than they appear. Simply let the burdens roll off you and enjoy everyday. Take responsibility for your actions and be prepared to work after graduation. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to know exactly what you want to do with your life, but while you’re brainstorming what you want to do, WORK!!! It is much easier to choose a new path when you have financial stability to do so. Keep working. 

Q:Are there any teachers that you would like to say some kind words to?

A:I struggle to name single names simply because everyone I came in contact with at Prouty truly helped make me a better man and the person I am. I am truly grateful I attended David Prouty High School because it has helped me become a man I can be proud of. I am proud to say I am a David Prouty graduate. Also a special thanks to Mr. Fahey, you still have no idea how much you’ve done for me but this entire town and school district. 

Q:What was your best memory from Prouty?

A:2009 Super Bowl champions and school record 25 straight wins. 

Thanks you for putting this together. Hopefully we can get some pride back in this district. 

Dan Martin 

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