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Blayd Malburne

Chenty Nunez, Editor

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What year did you graduate from Prouty?

I graduated in 2014

Did you go to college, military, service, job?

I joined the Army, I left 2 weeks after graduation

What was it like going from the High School life to the adult life?

It wasn’t as hard as I expected honestly. Then again, I get told what to do and how to do it daily so it’s not that hard

In college/job/service, was it easy to get settled down and find where you fit in?

That was the hard part. I moved around a lot during my first year in with all the training that I had to do. After that it was easy.

If you are out of college or post graduate work, what are you doing now?

I’m an IT specialist and paratrooper in the army

Have you traveled? If so, where?

I have been to parts of Europe and the middle east

Were there hiccups, or struggles along the way?

Yeah, but there is always going to be struggles no matter what you do. My biggest hiccup was the recovery process after I got hurt.

What’s your favorite thing about being out of high school?

Being out of high school

What do you miss about High School?

Some of the people. Definitely not others lol

Any advice for current students at DPHS?

Keep your head up and stay out of trouble. Once you get out you’ll realize how dumb and childish you were.

Are there any teachers that you would like to say some kind words to?

To Ms. Jyringi, you helped me through a lot of tough times and motivated me to do my best and ive always kept that with me. I’m forever grateful. To Mr. Waage, you helped mold me into the man I am today. To motivate and push me. To offer advice and mentorship. And overall just be an awesome leader and friend. I miss you dearly.

What was your best memory from Prouty?

The senior prank

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