Prouty Students’ Music Tastes in Tune with the Nation’s


Machalia Cabral and Jason Brewster

Have you ever wondered how many people like the same music you do?  Whether its rap, or classic rock, there are so many genres out there! You wonder about what music your neighbors, your classmates, and  teachers like. The goal of “The Music of Prouty” is to figure out the students’ music tastes.

Out of the Prouty students, the main genres were hip-hop and rap, followed by pop. According to a survey sent out to each class, hip-hop and rap were 22.7% of respondents’ answers and pop was 18.2%. This is not surprising due to a nationwide survey in 2018 by,

In the statista survey, 48% of teens in the U.S. reported that they like hip-hop and rap. In the same survey 52% said they liked pop music.

In the Prouty survey that a total of 44 students answered, there was a diverse amount of answers. This is because the students were given the “other” option where one can type a response that wasn’t one of the answers. Out of those who chose one of the given genres, The data of the survey matches up with the statista survey in the sense that for the age group, the two genres are the most popular.

Kaitlyn Bosse, a Sophomore at David Prouty, “I feel like, it’s pretty true, because people like Hip-hop, rap and pop. I listen to it as well, and I’m glad that other people do too!”

As for the teacher population classic rock and rock was reported to be most popular between each teacher. 47.4% of the teacher population that took the survey, had classic rock as their favorite.  Mr. Fazio, the music director at David Prouty, was asked for his insight on the history of Rock n’ Roll, “The history is that rock evolved from jazz, mostly from the Beatles and the Temptations, that’s where it started. It eventually led to Elvis and then Michael Jackson.”

Furthermore, when asked about Classic rock being the most liked among the faculty, he responded, “I think it’s awesome! I think people listening to music is most important. I don’t think it matters what music it is. I’ve met people before that hasn’t listened to music at all! Any type of music that you like to listen to is good.”

Finally Mr. Saia (a long term sub at Prouty) stated when asked about classic rock, “I think it’s not surprising, because rock was not just big, it was immense. When we grew up, bands like Led Zeppelin and Queen dominated the airwaves, and had stood the test of time.”