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Panther Pics

Senior Isaiah Perez cheesing with Panther Pride for the camera

Students show off their certificates.

Senior, Kenneth Feyjoo snaps a picture for his mom.

First indoor tennis match for the Panther Ladies!

Quabbin Trip

Quabbin Trip

Quabbin Trip

Quabbin Trip

Quabbin Trip

Senior Evans Soter speaks at NHS induction ceremony

Alumni Christopher Wallace speaks at NHS induction ceremony

Donna Marengo Fyrberg
Go Prouty!

Donna Marengo FyrbergDonna Marengo Fyrberg

Donna Marengo Fyrberg
1st Place Winners!

Donna Marengo Fyrberg

Ethan Kiesiner

Ethan Kiesiner
Spencer firefighters participate in the parade of lights.

Ethan Kiesiner

Ethan Kiesiner
Firetrucks decorated festively for the Parade of Lights.

Ethan Kiesiner
The Parade of Lights on December 2.

Jason Fyrberg, Ryan Anderson, Ben Deane and Tristan Colonese post game.

Brothers Jason Fyrberg and alumni Eric Fyrberg at the Thanksgiving game.

Jason Fyrberg, recipient of the Brian D. Sweeney “Outstanding Lineman” Award.

Jason Fyrberg and Ben Deane celebrating a good season.

Donna Fyrberg
Thanksgiving Day Game 2017.

Thanksgiving Day Football Game

Amber Vartabedian
The annual bonfire sponsored by the David Prouty Booster Club.

Seniors Sam Gibson, Nicole Burritt and Hayley Doane celebrating powderpuff.

Ethan Kiesner and Crista Paulauskas posed together.

Juniors Tori Bain, Ethan Kiesner, Jason Van Dyke and Hailie Brown at the Fall Semi.

Emily Anderson and Kaylee Gallagher before the Fall Semi.

Seniors Jackie Bokis, Mikayla Halloran, Emily Anderson, Kaylee Gallagher, Michaela Duquette and Amber Vartabedian posing for a picture.

Emily Anderson, Michaela Duquette and Kaylee Gallagher at the Fall Semi together.

Hayley Doane and Jayme Dowd before the dance.

Maggie Paul and Jayme Dowd getting ready for the dance.

Senior, Amber Vartabedian at the Fall Semi.

Michaela Duquette
Long time best friends Amber Vartabedian and Jackie Bokis at the Fall Semi.

Fiona Halloran
Emily Anderson, Kaylee Gallagher, Mikayla Halloran and Jackie Bokis dress up for Halloween.

Mikayla Bokis
Jayme Dowd, Alice Ordung, Macy Volesky, Jackie Bokis and Sam Gibson on their senior night.

The David Prouty cheerleaders performing at the Thanksgiving pep rally.

Band playing for the prep rally !

Musical Chairs

Senior Tristan Colonesse Winning Musical Chairs

Soccer Dribbling Contest

Half-Court Shot Contest

Junior Class of 2019

Cheerleaders at pep rally

Prouty musical chairs


Senior class president




Half court shot

Oreo Games

Oreo games


Musical chairs

Down to the last few



Freshman Clash of 2021


Panther cheerleaders

Panther cheerleaders

Panther cheerleaders

Prouty mascot


Seniors decorate their wall for Pep rally!

Kaylee Gallagher, Amber Vartebedian and Emily Anderson Going Extreme

Mikayla Halloran, Maggie Paul, Jayme Dowd, Faye Kuszewski, Colin Nosek and Jackie Bokis participating in the STUCCO Officership Program with chaperone Principal York

Patricia Murray and Lynn White share their Prouty Pride!!

Colleen Holmberg
Sophomores Logan Hoekstra and Samantha Monson-Duff wear blue on Class color day!

Senior Angel Mikayla Halloran


Kenneth Feyjoo
JUNIORS: Erin Scovil, Brooke Pepin, Rachael Neeland and Victoria Breitenfeld: Bare the Black

Sage Maryyanek and Kenneth Feyjoo
FRESHMAN: Madilyn Beers, Mikayla Bokis and Shea Aubuchon Gallantly Go Green on Class Color Day

Kenneth Feyjoo
SENIORS Jackie Bokis, Jayme Dowd, Emily Anderson, Kaylee Gallagher, Cameron Serano: Rock the White

Sage Maryyanek and Tristan Colonese
Junior Class Color Day

Kenneth Feyjoo and Sage Maryyanek
Some of the Sophomore Class on Class Color Day.

Kenneth Feyjoo
SENIORS: Brandi Kennedy, Jada Novia, Tyfanee Whitenett, Tyreecha McFadden, Alyssa Holland, Elizabeth Gebo, Samantha Gibson, Amanda Pedjoe Rock the White

Kenneth Feyjoo and Sage Maryyanek
Teachers on Class Color Day

Samantha Monson-Duff
Colleen Holmbergn and Sandra Soter twinning!

Colleen Holmberg
Freshman Cassie O’Gara and Kaitlyn Bosse match for Twin Day on Tuesday 10/10

Donna Hayes
Seniors in white

Donna Hayes

Senior Emily Anderson wed to class of 2018

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